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Microsoft’s New Console Called ‘Xbox’

Microsft is a tech giant that has multiple services and products to offer and is doing great with the products. One of the many products includes its gaming console that is also one of the most popular consoles in the market. The video game consoles have been popular and have a large number of players on the platform. Microsoft has successfully bought a series of its console and now another one of its consoles is on its way. The console this time also has a name like every other console by Microsoft so far. The sur[prise is that the console is named just ‘Xbox’ this time.

The different Consoles by Microsoft have been named as Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One S and Xbox One S All digital edition. Now recently Microsoft announced the new-gen gaming console by Microsft as Xbox Series X. As the name suggests this is probably a series and not just one single console coming from Microsoft. More than one console only means that we might get to see high and low-end consoles this time. Such names gaming consoles sure give room for more consoles that might come in the future.

The name also gives off some ideas on how the rumors on the next gaming consoles were coming. It was expected that a high end and another less powered gaming consoles will be coming out. These two also rumored as a high end ‘Project Scarlet’ and less powered ‘Lockhart’ might be the part of next-gen consoles. A lot of things are possible depending on how the company brings the console to market. Both the expected consoles may come at the same time of Microsoft can simply bring them at different times.

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