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Microsoft’s native phone mirroring app that syncs texts, photos and notifications to PC.

The Windows phone has demised, however, according to Microsoft the Windows OS on the smartphones still prevails. Now recently Microsoft at their Build 2018 Developer conference announced a couple of good news, especially about the integration of Windows 10 PCs with Android as well as iOS devices. Among which they also teased about an app which claims to provide a phone-to-PC experience, just like what iOS users with a Mac currently enjoy.

“Your Phone” is the name of this app, which works between a cross-platform, by syncing data between them, to be more precise by using this app a user who owns a Windows 10 PC will be able to access text messages, photos, and received notifications in the phone right away from Windows 10 PC. This means a user doesn’t have to leave PC just to check notification on they’re your phone. The same concept was also tried earlier by Dell this year letting calls and notifications to display on the PC screen.

Moreover, according to Microsoft when the app is installed on the phone, it’ll automatically start syncing the Android or iOS device. And this app will include access to SMS, photos, and notifications initially. However, it is worth to mention that features will vary depending on iOS and Android, but Microsoft can mirror far more Android phone features to a Windows 10 PC  besides that a user will also be able to share data across the connected devices through simple actions such as dragging photos from phone to PC without the need of touching the phone.

However, bear in mind that this app is at its initial stage so, it might be unstable to some extent. Moreover, Microsoft also started testing this app with Windows Insiders this week, and the feedback will guide how this eventually ends up being a feature in Windows 10. They are also currently testing the next major update to Windows 10, codenamed “Redstone 5,”. Apart from that those users who are into Windows Insider Program, will have the privilege to download “Your Phone” app in this week. As for the rest, there isn’t an exact date released yet, but it’ll be available with Windows 10 Autumn update later this year.

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