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Microsoft’s Laptop Overheating Solution

Laptops have been around for some time now and due to their convenient design, they are popular. The mobility of Laptops is one of the major reasons why they came to existence. For most of the good things about different laptops, one is always common. This common thing is one of the reasons why they can’t do as good as Desktop. All the Laptop heat and on using for a long time it becomes overheated and the performance decreases. This is a major issue with the laptops and many companies are working on. Microsoft has a patent that has a solution to the heating issues with laptops and it might be effective.

The idea that is mentioned in this patent is quite simple and is a redesign of how heat is handled by laptops. Normally it is hard to do a lot of things within the compact designs of laptops so the cooling system is not so effective. The idea is to add a vapor chamber that rubs from bottom to the back of the screen from where it will be taken care of. Usually, the base is full of all the hardware making it the sink and generator of heat. Compact design ends up making it less efficient due to heating close to GPU and CPU.

The vapor chamber running from the heat-generating area at the base will run to the back of the screen. The heat will be dissipated on the back of the screen allowing more space in the base. With more space available some more hardware or materials could be added for dealing with the heat. The design and idea is nowhere near practical use with no announcements when it will be used while manufacturing laptops.

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