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Microsoft’s first-ever true wireless earbuds: Surface Earbuds

Microsoft is coming up with new Surface Earbuds adding them to the noise cancellation accessories by them. These are the very first truly wireless earbuds by Microsoft and you can guess they are Earbuds not very similar to air pods. The Surface Earbuds were introduced this month in their event by Microsoft and these will be available this year sooner or later. Their event happened in New York City when the Surface Earbuds were officially announced. These are the Earbuds that are suitable for both music and voice tasks. As per Microsoft Surface Earbuds are a must-have an accessory that will give good performance for calls as well as music.

Microsoft's wireless earbuds

For noise cancellation, Surface Earbuds have two microphones on both the earpieces for voice input over a call with better quality. The surface Earbuds are said to be comfortable for ears and come in contact with ears at two places. They are comfy all day and the case with them allows battery life for 24 hours that lets you run the whole day easily. 8 hours non stop playing in one charging is possible and the case allows 2 complete charging. It has simple gestures to control it with swipe and tap so Microsoft says a screen isn’t necessary to operate.

The Surface Earbuds have more features that also include the Microsoft Office allowing it to help with presentations. You can get live captions and also operate PowerPoint slides with swipe and taps. The design of Surface Earbuds is nothing like most of the other wireless accessories like airpods. These are clearly visible in a round shape that almost covers the whole ear. Surface Earbuds are now the flagship audio product, for now, that is announced to the public.

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