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Microsoft’s All In One App

Microsoft is one of the tech giants that have a huge part in software development. It has a lot of software and applications running that are used in offices and places. Different apps and software were limited to Windows but then with time, Microsoft made them available for the android platform as well. Some of the most popular software such as Excel, Word, and Powerpoint were all supported on Androids. These were all available as separate services or app and now Microsoft is changing it to make an all in one application. Something similar has happened before as well when a single app could do many functions.

A one for all app is getting worked on by Microsoft since last year and now it is going to be a thing. The app was seen under the testing phase for some time but then disappeared. It was after the testing was made private and the beta program was not accessible to many. This office app will be able to perform all the tasks that Excel, Powerpoint and Word can do. You won’t need to use different apps to edit different types of documents.

Other than the features that Excel, PowerPoint, and Word have the Office App has some extra features. It can sync with your Windows 10 Notes and also has an Office scanner while it can also scan QR codes. This app does have its own restrictions for now as it isn’t available for Chromebooks and Tablets. The separate applications were all supported on the bigger screen devices yet this one is not ready for them. There is a high possibility that the individual applications will be gone soon enough following the new Office app.

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