Microsoft Xbox Series X: The Future Of Gaming

Microsoft is thinking to launch its upcoming project Microsoft Xbox Series X. This will be the future of gaming as it will have a lot more than what we have now. As we all know that Coronavirus is affecting everything so the production of Xbox Series X can be postponed for some time. The company is thinking to launch the Xbox Series X in late 2020 and it will be a power pack gaming console. Microsoft is claiming that their upcoming Xbox Series X will be the most powerful gaming console with everything available in it.

Microsoft took their first step in gaming in 2001 as they launched their first-ever Xbox in 2001 which was a hit. The company later kept on upgrading the Xbox and with each upgrade, the company tried making Xbox more powerful. Gaming lovers liked Microsoft Xbox Series so much and it became everyone’s choice. You can play a lot of games on Xbox as Microsoft offers a lot of games to their users. Users are waiting for Microsoft to launch their Xbox Series X soon so that they can play games on it because everyone is getting bored inside of their houses now.

The company will change the controller of Xbox a bit for good and some improvements will be there for sure. Pricing of the product will not be too expensive but not even cheap. The company is planning to launch the Xbox Series X in a price range that will be attractive to their users as well as not that much low. Microsoft has revealed the features of the upcoming Series X but the price of the product is still a mystery. Users are expecting the price of Xbox Series X to be affordable.

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