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Microsoft will use Signal’s end-to-end encryption for it’s Skype service

Microsoft joins hands with Signal to bring end-to-end encryption for its popular messaging service Skype. Signal is the same company who’s Signal Private messenger is approved by none other than Cyber-security legend Edward Snowden who was an ex-NSA agent. And now the same protection will be coming for Skype.

Such end-to-end encryptions are also used by other popular apps such as Whatsapp, facebook’s messenger and also Google’s Allo. And for Skype, the security feature is still in testing phase and is available for insiders to test it, with software version Moreover, the latest security feature which is dubbed as Private Conversations is what Microsoft is calling the end-to-end encryption.

Furthermore, this will again leverage the reputation of Skype after it was discovered that the Microsoft owned service had a major security vulnerability. Which allowed the intruder to track IP addresses of Skype users, this was back in 2011. And until 2016 the security wasn’t patched.

Image Courtesy: Association of Internet Research Specialists

Now with the inclusion of proper end-to-end encryption, MS hopes that people will again start trusting and using Skype. The Signal protocol was developed by Moxie Marlinspike and Privacy Maverick and was successful in developing a solid protocol who satisfies the ACID properties provides confidentiality, integrity, authentication, participant consistency.

On top of it, the protocol also performs destination validation, so the man-in-the-middle exploit is successfully avoided and you’re assured that your messages have reached the right destination. You can read more about the Signal Protocol and its history in detail by visiting here.

Source: Signal | Via: androidpolice



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