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Microsoft to merge the Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and bring a Single app

Microsoft has recently just announced publicly that they are working on a single app that can replace Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This is an app made by merging these apps and it will be available for both Android as well as iOS. It was in Florida at the Ignite conference where Microsoft made it public about the app and how they are going to bring it. The app will be available next year around February while the iOS and android testing phases are going on for now. A lot of features will be available in this app as it is a merged version of all the very useful apps by Microsoft.

This new Office app will let you have more access to files that you work on from one app as you can create and edit different types of documents. You can make spreadsheets, presentations, and documents along with the editing of new and old files. More things will be possible like editing and making pdf files, creating editable word files and making excel spreadsheets from pictures. While Microsoft is ready to bring better options they have stated this to CNet that original three of the apps namely word, Excel and PowerPoint won’t disappear.

According to Microsoft people might not really want to use a merged office app and stick to their old style apps. Just do not force on users old all’s won’t be replaced. For users that have a use for all three apps the new office all is highly recommended as it’s size is smaller and it brings all features in one place. It’s tough for Microsoft now that Google has made its own doc, sheet, and slide app leaving Microsoft in a tight spot.

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