Microsoft ready to brings the X-box party chat app on iOS(Beta now available)


Microsoft’s X-Box party chat which has been already available on the Android platform but in beta version will now soon head it’s way to iOS. The party chat feature of the X-Box app lets everyone join into the chat with friends who are in a party. The sign-up process has already begun, and you can get it by visiting this link given below, for iOS users.

The app is said to mimic Nintendo’s game switch online mobile app, but this one will have some more tweaks and may not have a game-centric experience. Moreover, one thing is confirmed that the app will allow X-Box players are playing online with their friends to chat on the console and the mobile app. Which makes sense, when you are not around your console, you might also be allowed to invite more players and start a party, and others who are invited can too join in.

Image Courtesy: gamepur .com

The X-Box app already allows you to send messages, view profiles, friends lists, post updates, etc. Furthermore, it also features a game store where you purchase any titles you want and post-gaming clips as you play them. This concept is quite similar to the Nintendo’s take like we mentioned above, but the Nintendo Switch doesn’t have any other way to connect. And chat with friends that why their app makes more sense.

You can Download the app for X-Box from here, and for iOS the beta is ready, and you can sign up from here.


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