Microsoft has started to sell Amazon’s Echo devices

Cortana was launched originally on Windows Phone about 5 five years ago before being integrated into Windows 10 but it looks like that Microsoft is soon disbanding the service.

A Twitter user noticed that Microsoft has now started to sell Amazon’s Echo on its retail stores. This includes the both new Echo Dot and the older second-gen Echo. Both of these Amazon devices are available for sale online and in Microsoft Stores all over the US.

Microsoft Logo
[Source: BEAM]
This move comes after Microsoft partnered up with Amazon to integrate Alexa and Cortana. Whilst Cortana has been fallen behind its rivals such as Siri and Google Assitant, Microsoft has been focusing on its partnership with Amazon and integration of Alexa.

Another move made by Microsoft in this regard is that the Xbox One now supports Alexa and Amazon has also launched Alexa app for Windows 10 so, that the virtual assistant will be available across all Windows 10 PCs.

While Microsoft is focusing on and bringing Alexa to its services and devices, the status of Cortona is unknown and it is at a strange spot and Microsoft is now pushing it towards other services like chatbots instead of it’s original, consumer-focused position.

Recently, Microsoft has been working to improve the Windows 10 search engine experience better by distancing Cortona from it and we may soon see this change happening.

Microsoft has moved Cortona to its AI research division and hopefully, the company will decide the future of this service very soon.

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