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Microsoft gives major leaks on it’s new Windows 10X

Microsoft has been teasing for some time about its new Operating system for it’s a new device with dual screen. It was not long ago when Microsoft revealed its new dual-screen device that will be coming with a new OS. The new OS by Microsoft is Windows 10X that will be supported on the dual-screen device getting released in the near future. A new dual-screen device is called Surface Neo and Windows 10X will run on it as an OS. Both of these things are coming in the near future and are yet to be revealed properly soon enough.

Windows 10X

While the new Windows 10X was getting teased for some time by Microsoft but this time they did it well. It happened accidentally that Microsoft officially put on the information on their web page. This sure gave up a major part of leaks on the new phone and its operating system. It was a document on Windows 10X with the details on it but the document was eventually removed for good. By the details on the document, it was picked up that clamshell laptop hardware will also be working with Windows 10X. Windows 10X will work on both dual-screen devices as well as surface neo. According to Microsoft this Operating system is much optimized and is flexible while keeping to mobile to a good extent.

More details include features such as changed start menu to launcher and search bar etc. Next is the Windows facial recognition that is now improved in this Windows. The facial recognition will work automatically on Windows 10X so the user just needs to turn it on. Modern file explorer will also be added to Windows 10X and it will be holding the cloud storage in it.

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