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Microsoft Comes Up with Update that Fails Again

Microsoft takes care of a major part of computers as windows and getting a bug itself is a huge problem. It happened so that update by Microsoft on the Windows 10 had a bug and caused PC to slow down. It was reported and faced by users worldwide and the company took the issue in the notice. Microsoft provided information on the issue and the reason was called out the personal assistant ‘Cortana’. It caused the start menu or search bar to not work properly and consuming the system memory. The performance of computers was slowed down to a great extent and finally, now Microsoft came up with an update.

Microsoft Update Fails

This new update KB4515384 was supposed to solve the search bar or Cortana issue but things didn’t go well. Within a week people are again reviewing the update explaining new bugs that they are facing. The search bar issue turned into start menu issue and some people have it crashing. The issue stated that ” Start menu isn’t working. Will try to fix it next time you sign in.” This issue is addressed by a lot of people at different places and Microsoft has noticed it and is working to fix it.

Even though it’s normal to get new bugs while fixing old ones Microsoft is in no position to keep that issue. It has been the second update again that is having issues for so many users. Some people on Reddit have come up with ways to tackle it by making a local account and removing the old one. The update was provided this week and could be updated on the background. It’s still not announced how long it will take to bring up a new update.

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