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Xiaomi Mi8 SE and Mi Band 3 to launch soon in Indian Market

Xiaomi introduced their Mi8 flagship device earlier this month along with its Mi8 SE which is a lite version of the standard Mi8 and another the special edition Mi8 Explorer Edition, although the limelight is still on the Mi8 Explorer Edition because it’s bringing the first ever Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 SoC. As the Mi8 Explorer Edition is the first phone that is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 series chipsets.

However, the Chinese tech giant may also bring one of their flagship devices along with Mi Band 3, in India. Which turned out to be more plausible of a report which is coming from tech journal Beebom, which claims that the Xiaomi is planning to bring Mi 8 SE in India in the name of Mi 8i. The reason for the name being Mi8 is because here ‘i‘ stands for India in Mi 8i which was found from one of a source in Xiaomi Retailer Network.

If we can recall the launch record of the earlier Xiaomi devices in the Indian marketplace especially the flagship ones. Then it’d be clear to note that Xiaomi often skips the launch of their flagship devices to India such as Mi MIX, Mi6, Mi MIX 2S and it seems that this time also they’ll skip the Mi8 and in replacement, they’ll bring the Mi 8i.

Moreover, another significant thing to note here is that the Xiaomi’s official website does not have a product page of Mi8 SE, it flaunts Mi 8i name which also makes this report mentioned above more clear & bold. Besides that there are also claims regarding the pricing of the device, will be priced between Rs.18,000 to Rs. 20,000 in India, which also seems quite similar to what the device is offered in China. This is the second time Xiaomi is naming the device in a way that it did three years with it’s Mi 4i.

As far as the Mi Band 3 is concerned, it is already mentioned that it’ll also debut along with the Mi 8i. However, the pricing is also expected to be at Rs. 1,800, and there would also be an NFC supported variant for the same which will probably be priced at Rs. 2,100.  After three years Xiaomi is trying to revamp the launch of their devices in Indian Marketplace as, after all, they have managed to become the market leader.

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