McLaren Ends Partnership With OnePlus

As we all know that OnePlus is a brand which competes with Flagship devices. Devices of OnePlus are blazingly fast and reliable and this is the reason why people prefer OnePlus. You can even differentiate between the latest flagship of a leading brand and the latest device of OnePlus and their price. You’ll be surprised because OnePlus won’t lose. Recently OnePlus launched OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro which is really impressive. They have the latest technology and specifications but the price is a bit higher than usual. This factor won’t affect OnePlus because those devices are worth that price hike.

We saw some great phones by OnePlus earlier partnered with McLaren. Those phones were extremely premium by the build quality and even the specifications were higher. OnePlus partnered with McLaren to launch some great phones. We saw the OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition which was a great device. Then we saw the OnePlus 7T Pro McLaren Edition which was unbelievably fast. McLaren Editions of OnePlus made a special place in people’s hearts. Whenever OnePlus reveals its new device, people also wait for a McLaren Edition but not anymore. OnePlus and McLaren are not together anymore and we won’t see any other new edition of OnePlus with McLaren in future.

Seriously McLaren and OnePlus were lit but the contract is over, as they say. People are sad because of this news but OnePlus will surely surprise their fans by collaborating with something great in future. Past is evidence that OnePlus never disappoints its fans and that is the reason why people love OnePlus. Just hang tight for some great news from OnePlus and save your money because OnePlus is planning on something big for sure.

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