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Manual Tagging Feature Added to Google Photos.

Google has its own huge establishment among tech with more than just android devices and the internet search engine. There are tons of apps by Google that cover all the different categories of apps and some of these are quite popular. Google Photos is one of the apps by Google that is pre-installed on Android devices and is the photo app by Google that takes the backup of photos for you. Cloud backup of your gallery is done by this for most of the people on android devices while it also has other features that go unnoticed. The app was able to detect faces from pictures to tag people automatically sometimes the face might get missed in complex pictures but it was useful in sorting the pictures.

This automated face recognition was a good feature while it had its own downside as the tags cant be edited once they are put by Gooogle. Now Google has given a new and redefined tagging feature in Google Photos that allows you to manually put the tag on pictures. With this feature, you can mention the person present in the picture manually so there are no wrong tags in them. Manual tagging in pictures in Google Photos also has its limitations as you can only tag in pictures if the app recognizes a face in it.

The manual tagging feature of Google Photos is quite new and a lot of users are yet to get it while it is still rolling out. Many users might have got the update that gives the manual tagging feature in Google photos app and others will get the update soon enough. It can be updated from the Google Play store and as per info, everyone should be able to access it by the end of this week.

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