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LTE Version of the Nokia 3310 may launch in 2018

Nokia came back with its iconic Nokia 3310  last year which was built to last, and till now you can see some people using the iconic old Nokia 3310. The new product launched had a just 2G network which was quite old from today’s standard. With 4G coming into existence and 3G is used just rarely. Still, Nokia launched a 3G supported version in September in the US.

Now Nokia is looking forward to releasing the 4G LTE version of the iconic Nokia 3310. Recently the phone was passed from TENAA which is FCC equivalent for China every device that is launched in China must be passed from TENAA. The variant of Nokia 3310 which was passed by TENAA supported TD-LTE and TD-SCDMA band which are the most popular wireless bands for 4G LTE Network across the world.

The stock OS on which the Nokia 3310 currently comes with will not be enough to use the power of 4G LTE, and hence we can get Yun OS which s powered by Alibaba. As you know the current variants selling is also running different OS. Both the handsets look same still the version of OS they are running is different and same we are going to encounter in the 3rd variant of Nokia 3310. Same old Nokia 3310 looks like another Operating System.

Having the same design will have a major question as the 3G version got a major drop in the battery life compared to the 2G version and same will happen with the 4G variant and hence the battery optimization should. Also, we might also get a minor bump in the battery life. Also as the phone will be a four compatible handset, hence we can also get a front camera on the phone.

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