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LG’s Velvet Design And Specs Revealed

This year is similar to the last year with a lot of smartphones coming out one after another. All the manufacturers are trying to bring the best to the market in different ways. As the smartphone industry has become the hyped part of technology a lot of premium smartphones are coming out. LG is one of the many smartphone manufacturers that are popular in the market. As all the manufacturers are making the best of their flagships LG is coming up with LG Velvet. This is actually the G6 but Lg has put aside the G series this time to name it Velvet.

This new flagship by LG got revealed recently in an official video by LG. The video not only revealed the design but the specs of this new smartphone. The video that revealed the smartphone shows the design and body from all angles. This video confirms that the LG Velvet will come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765 processor that is not the best among flagships. The design of Velvet can be seen that has a thin bezel and a tear drop notch for the front camera. A triple camera setup on the back along with the flash is aso visible in this video.

For a flagship device it is important to be attractive and this smartphone comes in White, black, red and green colors. the design is shiny and looks premium. The physicial appearance doesnt tell much about the material used but the headphone jack seems to be there. Lg has done well in keeping the new flagship under control and hinting bit by bit on it. Not much is revealed on this phon even though the company has put on this official video teasing the LG Velvet.

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