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LG to re-brand it’s G series with a different naming convention

New reports suggest that LG will no longer use the G moniker in its flagship, the first LG flagship using it was launched back in 2012, with the named Optimus G, and till date, the company has used it on its current flagship that’s the LG G6. And the G6 will be the last one, as per the South Korean news sources, LG will come up with a new naming convention for the sequel of the LG G6. We hope LG won’t use the X moniker as we already have many of them, starting from the Droid X launched back in 2011, to the Moto X, iPhone X, even Sony has a Xperia Xz.

LG hopes, this new rebranding of its flagship device won’t get overshadowed by its cousin V series, and the upcoming successor of the G6 will stand out from the crowd and will hold the real victory crown of being the only Flagship.

Image Courtesy: portablechimp. com

The LG G7 has been mentioned in many leaks earlier, and on top of that there was one list of devices sporting the Snapdragon 845 chip from Qualcomm leaked previously, also mentioned a device name LG G7+. So that means the new branding will inevitably have to adjust itself with the Plus variant of the device.

Apart from that, the LG G6’s successor will feature a bezel-less panel, probably similar to the Essential phone, from Andy Rubin. With a little top notch, not as wide as the iPhone X, but might house the front camera. Other than that, dual-cameras and the hopefully a removable battery in the plans? Drop your naming suggestions for the next LG flagship in the comments below.

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