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LG might unveil 88-inch 8K OLED smart TV at CES 2018

CES 2018 has already kicked off, and LG has brought some really outrageous things this year, and the most notably asking them is the new 88-inch running on 8K resolution OLED smart TV. This gigantic monstrosity is the successor to LG’s 77-inch non-OLED TV, and this one will set you back a whopping $20,000, which is absolutely insane, you could literally get a decent car at that price.

Apart from that another 4K QLED TV from LG with 7-inches cost you the same. So this is a significant upgrade in this high-end OLED TV space. Now the launch of this 8k OLED TVs we should note that the price of Full-HD OLED and 4K OLED TVs might be a little dip. Sony also has a 65+ inches OLED TV in this space, but today at CES 2018 LG went all out with its blazing guns. Samsung has its Frame smart TV especially to display your artwork.

Image shows 98-inch 8K LCD Tv, Image Courtesy: mashable .com

With 4K content now being made more available and also decently fast internet speeds, 4K consumption will grow even more. But the way for 8K is still very long. The CES 2018 always shows us various limits at which OEMs can push tech & the 88-inch 8K OLED LG smart TV is one the exosomes examples of this.

LG will be backing the high-resolution OLED TV with the launch of this new 8k TV. So, that at least the 4K becomes a standard norm. The South-Korean giant has already invested billions to make OLED TV’s mainstream and a little affordable for the average joe.

Source: cnet

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