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LG G7 release Delayed Due of ‘Development From Scratch’

It looks like the release of the LG’s upcoming flagship LG G7 has been delayed because of a new order instructing the company’s smartphone team to halt the entire development of the G7 and start a new development from scratch.

In spite of having losses amounting to about $219 million over the last 11 quarters the company still starts the development of the G7 from scratch which itself might result in huge amount of losses. According to the company’s new strategy, it will not release a new smartphone under their V and G series annually instead of that they will only release a new smartphone when they feel it’s the right time to do so.

A recent report from South Korea suggests that the LG G7 will not be unveiled at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC 2018) instead might be ready for launch around April.

During the recent years we have seen a new phone in Q1 every year under the company’s G series¬†but this year it looks like that won’t happen as according to an anonymous source the LG official the team behind the LG G7 was unable to build a strong selling point in the G7, so the CEO and Vice Chairman of LG Electronics Jo Seong-Jin ordered a complete overhaul for the company’s upcoming flagship.

LG G7 being Delayed might give a head start to the Samsung’s upcoming flagship Galaxy S9 especially in the Korean markets.

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