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LG G6 gets a new Rasberry Rose paint job


LG confirmed that it intends to launch a new variant of the LG G6, but it is still uncleared that when they will launch it, should be coming in the following weeks. As this option doesn’t bring anything new under the hood neither any new feature has been appended, LG wants to release a new color for the LG G6 that’s the Rasberry Rose. Which the company already has launched for the mighty LG V30.

LG’s intentions might have to do something with the upcoming valentines days, as the company might think that’s an excellent opportunity to sell that color and might have held this color variant back since last year. Now with this variant in, we now have a total of six different variants of the G6 flagship.

Moreover, the LG G7 should get unveiled in the next three months, and it is also reported that this time LG might rebrand the G line-up with a different moniker. The LG G6 is now almost a year old, and the processor it runs on even older than that, but the smartphone had a great set of camera’s two 13 MP one RGB sensor while the other one was a wide angle lens.

LG G6 Rasberry Rose
Image Courtesy: thegadgetwire .com


The device was the first mainstream one to feature the 18:9 aspect ratio display, which quite a norm nowadays. It packed a 5.7-inch with QHD resolution, and LG stood with the 3.5mm headphone jack but also enhanced it with a separate built-in DAC.

Lastly, if you want a grab a phone this valentine so make sure you have a look at the LG G6 Rasberry Rose edition, however, the availability won’t be that wide, LG will debut it first in its home country, South-Korea.

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