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LG along with Nokia HERE maps is getting into self-driving tech business

LG is looking forward to getting into the autonomous car’s business, with what’s left from the ashes of Nokia. That mean the Nokia’s infamous advance software division HERE technologies, which was once a part of Nokia in 2015. But today it’s own by a different firm, who’s into automobiles. And LG wants to get a fair share of self-driving cars business, by creating a new platform for this cars, by developing better next-generation telematics strategies and provide precise navigation and it has partnered with HERE.

HERE use to make MAPs for Nokia when it was with Microsoft, and people loved the tech behind the Navigation system, and now LG will be next to provide what’s already a successful product from the company, that’s HD Live Maps. LG’s thinking to incorporate what HD Live maps already has and make a new standalone array of the information systems, for the use of Autonomous cars.

Image shows an autonomous car, changing lane, Image courtesy: self-driving .com

With companies like Tesla already ruling the Self-Driving market and other giants Google and Apple, investing heavily into the software side of systems with several high-profile car manufacturers, it will be interesting to see what LG will bring new to the table along with HERE.

The LG Press release also talks about the use of 5G tech to reduce latency which the LG engineers are already working on. Apart from that, the goal here is to be a significant player in providing an efficient and highly safe self-driving system for cars. However, there are no hints of LG making a car like Tesla or they already working on one?

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