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Lenovo launches Mirage Solo VR headset for Educational purposes

Lenovo earlier showed us various possibilities with it’s VR and AR tech from online shopping with AR to it’s mainstream VR headset that was designed for it’s K series smartphones. And now Lenovo is pushing VR in the educational business by offering it’s Mirage Solo which is world’s first standalone Day Dream VR headset.

Lenovo has come up with an educational solution for it which aims at bringing the VR tech into classrooms. The VR headset is a wireless device and comes loaded with plenty of educational content, up to 700 VR Google Expeditions field trips, accompanied by Jane Goodall “Wild Immersion” content.

Moreover, the main benefit of this Mirage Solo is that it’s a standalone headset which doesn’t require any external hardware, so this is a quite affordable option for schools looking to modernize and use advance teaching methods in their classroom. BTW, this is VR set, and its content is aimed at kids from the age group of 12 to 14 years.

Lenovo Mirage Solo VR in a Classroom
Image courtesy: armcommunity .com

Furthermore, in the complete VR package, Lenovo also throws in a 10-inch Tab 4 Plus for teachers and for connectivity options you’ll get the Ruckus R510 commercial router, which will be useful for high-speed VR content streaming. Moving ahead with this deal you’ll also get 18-months warranty so, that’s one more reason to consider Lenovo’s educational VR solution.

The Mirage Solo educational VR pack goes on sale in North America from early to mid-April. Now as far as pricing is concerned, Lenovo is offering a three student package for $2,899 which is a reasonable price for what you are getting. Lastly, there will also be a 10 and 22 student pack, but the pricing for the same is currently unavailable.

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