Lenovo introduces its first Smart Screen Device, Runs Google Assistant

Google assistant was officially introduced by Google back in 2016, and in recent they have revealed new home utility devices known as “Smart Screens” which will be soon available in the market. Smart Screens are an evolved version of the smart frame device which was introduced earlier by Sony. These new devices can perform multiple functions, and some of them are similar to normal Android devices so let’s check out more about them.

Lenovo Smart Screen
Image of the Lenovo Smart Screen.
Image courtesy: cnet .com

The first Smart Screen is now official and is introduced by a big Tech giant called Lenovo. Similar to Lenovo soon other manufacturers like JBL, LG, Sony, etc. will also introduce this Smart Screen. One can perform various functions with it including giving commands, browsing maps, watching YouTube videos, making video calls, and other features also which an assistant can perform. Lenovo Smart Screen device looks attractive and appears to be a perfect home utility device. In brief, it is an Echo show device which runs Google Assistant instead of Amazon Alexa assistant.

Lenovo Smart screen
Image of the Lenovo smart screen.
Image courtesy: money.cnn .com

This device comes powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 624 processor, and it is chiefly customized for home hub platform, this device will be available in two variants, one with 10.0(inch) Display and the other one with an 8.0(inch) screen. Other then this the device will be available in two variants, one with a bamboo rear panel and the other with a simple gray rear panel. The price for the bigger variant is 249.99$, and for the small version, it is 199.99$. Both devices are expected to be available in the month of April-May.

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