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Leaks Show The Three Upcoming iPhones

The leading smartphone manufacturer Apple has a good place in the market but gets a lot of criticism as well. For many, the disappointment starts with the design or looks of iPhones that Apple has kept the same for some last few iPhones. Last of the iPhones were from the series iPhone 11 that included iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max and these were similar to the iPhone X. This similarity in designs of iPhones is kind of not satisfying for most but Apple managed to make good sales for the same design in iPhone 11 series.

For a long time, Apple was redesigning the iPhones every year to keep the sales high. Even with the same design as the previous iPhone, the iPhone 11 series is the most selling iPhone. The reason might be the affordable iPhone in the series. Apple has proved that it doesn’t really need to make new designs for better sales every year. Even then you can now expect new in upcoming iPhones. It is about the next series of iPhones coming this year as iPhone 12. In a hands-on video fresh designs of iPhone 12, iPhone 12Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max were seen making a huge leak for fans.

The leaks from hands-on video reveal the number of iPhones that are coming soon as iPhone 12. Looks from the hands-on video show the notch bigger than before on the iPhones. There are a bunch of iPhones in the iPhone 12 series with 2 affordable devices smaller in size. There is a metal edge on the iPhones with huge on top of the screen. Four iPhones in the iPhone 12 and the successor of iPhone SE is to come this year. Some of the features like Truedepth are still not properly achieved by Apple while making the iPhone 12 series.

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