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Leaks on Next iPhone 12 series and iPhone SE 2

This year’s iPhone series was a huge success for Apple and the device did well in the market and now all eyes are on the next series of iPhone. The new iPhone 12 series will be coming next year with more devices and new features and the whole process of innovation. Other than the iPhone 12 series customers are also excited about the successor of iPhone SE that was quite a device among all the other iPhones. iPhone SE was an exceptional phone by Apple that had a smaller built but had processor and hardware of the flagship of apple. 

Currently, the smartphones are getting bigger and bigger so customers are looking forward to iPhone SE 2 that is said to follow the small design and great hardware concept. Recently information has come out on the new iPhone series as well as the iPhone SE 2. The iPhone 12 Pro or Pro max version is said to come out with 6 GB of RAM and that makes it go beyond the 4 GB of RAM seen on iPhone 11 Pro/ Pro Max. More about it suggests that the series will have rear 3d sensing capability. The better 5g support will be available with millimeter-wave support.

The iPhone 12 series will come with a basic 4 GB RAM variant and about the iPhone SE, it is still under work. The rumored phone is said to be produced from February of 2020 and should be available in March. This device is expected to be affordable with a smaller size of a 4.7-inch display and less of RAM. 3 GB of RAM but the device will have the A13 flagship chipset that is used by Apple for other smartphones.  New devices are on their way and again Apple has a lot in its bag for the customers.

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