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Leaks on a feature that you might see in next iPhone Series

Every year its new iPhones launched by Apple and of course, everyone is already ready for the iPhone 12 coming next year. With the new iPhone series comes the new designs and new set of features along with better technology. The leaks are already coming out and one of the sources suggests that you might be getting Apple’s ProMotion technology on iPhone 12. This year was full of smartphones with exceptional tech, features, and specs. The 90Hz displays on smartphones are quite common this year and even 120Hz display was seen. Seems like Apple is going to surpass this display qualify with their tech next year.

ProMotion technology is currently used by Apple in their IPad pro and bringing it to new iPhones next year sure has changed a lot. More of the 120Hz display iPhones will be available next year and other 90Hz display phones won’t be the trend for long. It’s not that iPhone is the only one doing this as it’s already provided by some phones before the iPhone. According to Digitimes Apple will most probably use the OLED display with a 120Hz frame rate. This combination will crush the competitors if they don’t come up with some quality features and display.

The 120Hz display on iPhone isn’t too much to expect but it’s still a long period of time before we actually see this happening. These iPhones will be arriving after the major part of 2020 will be over around the month of September. A lot of android devices will be launched during this time and who knows what brings competition to the iPhone next year. Overall it is sure that the market will have some really beautiful display on smartphones.

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