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Latest iOS update has issues with cellular connectivity

Updating your iPhone to the latest version of iOS 12 might not be a very good idea for you at it is going to cause issues with your cellular data such as cutting off your cellular data and disabling Internet connectivity.

According to reports, iOS 12.1.2, which was rolled out to fix the cellular connectivity issue for users in Turkey, ironically it introduced the same issue in other countries as well.

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In the official release note for iOS 12.1.2, Apple said that the update “addresses an issue that could affect cellular connectivity in Turkey for iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max”.

Many users have taken their issue to Twitter for complaining, with some even saying that their iPhones have been bricked.

Seeing different replies on Twitter, Apple’s support desk suggest the check if their phones are showing  “No Service” or “Searching” at the place of phone carrier’s name, and if it does, users are suggested to either reboot the phone or to make sure if mobile data is enabled.

In another tweet, Apple suggested the users update their carrier settings, which solved this problem for some of the users.

There is no official news by Apple as to when the new update will be released or when this issue will be solved. Users are recommended to not update to the latest iOS version until this issue is resolved fully as to avoid any mishap.

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