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Latest Android 10 Released

Android devices are the most popular device worldwide and also one of the most accessible devices. There have been up to android 9 version released alphabetically named after sweets and these series have come to an end this time. The android 10 has been released globally on September 3 with more features than any older android. It is natural for everyone to be excited for the latest android 10 as the new version comes with better performance and new features. A lot of features have been listed along with the newly released android. This article will provide you with all that you need to know about it.

Android 10

Android is known for better control over the device and some highlights on such features that you get are stated here. There are features that are fun and new to everyone such as the live captions. As it sounds the feature actually allows you to get captions on the media such as videos. Another one of the features is the easy reply over the notifications. You can simply reply to the notification with the smart options you get. That is in case there is a location mentioned in the message you get to check that right on the Google maps. For the meeting and requests, you can simply get the deny or accept kind of quick reply options.

There are more than just these above-mentioned features and a small list of features in android 10 is as follows-

  • Dark theme

  • Digital wellbeing

  • New gestures

  • New camera modes

  • Amplifier

  • More privacy setting

  • Faster security patches

  • New focus mode

Android users get all the different features in the latest version and it’s just a matter of time when devices get new Android updates. When and which device might get update can’t be said so check for updates on your device.

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