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JDI to bring fingerprint sensors embedded inside glass for smart devices

JDI that’s Japan Display Inc, who is well known for manufacturing high-quality display, but now looks like the company is looking forward to stepping a foot into the future and give a push to the most desired security systems. No, it is not what you guessed, JDI has got its hands into the development of transparent fingerprint scanner which will be embedded in glass.

This is a new approach taken by JDI is different from the silicon fingerprint scanners which are used in traditional devices, while it still differs from the fingerprint scanner embedded into the displays as per many reports. Earlier, we have seen Synaptics made a fingerprint scanner which can be integrated into a display which required a photosensor to be placed behind a screen.

This Glass-based capacitive Fingerprint sensors are so advance and use JDI’s Pixel Eyes tech, which is capable of detecting those micro ridges from your finger and will be able to match various fingerprints and unlock when the registered ones are spotted.

Image Courtesy: Samsung .com

Synaptics approach was first seen in the Vivo X20 Plus which became the first mobile phone to feature this advanced version of biometrics in a smartphone. Samsung and Apple are also developing a similar tech to Synaptics but we have not seen anything in production neither any announcements from either party’s on when will they employ them.

The chip unveiled by JDI has these dimensions 160 x 160px, 508dpi and is said to ship from next year somewhere from March or April. Lastly, JDI also plans to make a flexible fingerprint sensor in the coming future as well as for IoT devices.

Source: J-display



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