Japan display to bring 803ppi and 1000ppi LCD displays next year for VR

The Virtual Reality market is multiplying rapidly, and with companies like facebook’s Oculus bringing VR to the masses, it’s demand will climb new heights as new high-quality content rolls out of studios since next year. With all this in mind, Japan Display has announced a new hyperdense VR LCD panel, which has a ridiculous pixel density of 803ppi, within just 3.6-inch of space at 90Hz.

The company said this is specially crafted for the ultimate VR-experience for VR headsets. So, this is enough resolution for VR on mobile devices and shall provide a high detail environment to play with, and you won’t see any pixelation with this LCD panel.

Image shows different PPI comparisons, from 400ppi to 803ppi, Image Courtesy: j-display.com


However, the company also commented that existing hardware and displays on smartphones wouldn’t be able to process such a high data at which the screen can read it, and will only be possible after the 5G data adoption is on the rise, as well as processing power goes hand in hand with it.

The next-gen chips from Qualcomm are 5G capable and in it’s latest Snapdragon 845 VR was one of the leading highlights, so looks like everyone is gearing towards the VR-game. The firsts 803ppi displays will hit the market in the first quarter of 2018 along with a 1000ppi display also in development and should be in mass production in the next few quarters. VR is going to be a big business in 2018, and every major OEM is looking forward to it.

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