Is Google Pixel 4a Coming In The First Week Of July?

We have heard a lot of rumours and leaks about the upcoming smartphone from Google which is Pixel 4a. Pixel 4a will be an affordable smartphone with some cool specifications to boost the phone’s performance. There are a lot of rumours around that the phone is coming in the first week of July. Even users are waiting for Google to launch the Pixel 4a because it’s the most awaited smartphone it seems and the launch of Pixel 4a is getting delayed every time. Pixel 4a will be a compact device with not so big display.

The Pixel 4a is likely to come into the market in the first week of July or in the second week for sure. Some sites have already listed Pixel 4a and those lists are causing rumours about it. Pixel 4a will have a reasonable price tag of around $600 and it will have a decent processor. There won’t be many features in the Pixel 4a as Google never adds gimmick to their Pixel devices. We are waiting for Google to launch it soon so that people can enjoy the device.

Google Pixel 4a will only be available in Two colour options as per the rumours, Just Black and Blue. These colours are pretty bold and not so fancy as Google never believes in fancy stuff. It will be a typical Pixel device with a single camera setup at the back but the camera will be very good in terms of pictures and videos. These all are just rumours and assumptions and there is nothing official that is confirmed so stay tuned for new leaks and rumours about the Google Pixel 4a.

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