iPhones users locked out of their Apple IDs

Its been a very bad week for Apple. Having already seen its share price falling down, a new serious iPhone hardware failure and now the users are facing another major problem.

According to MacRumors, Apple appears to have locked a number of users out of their Apple ID accounts in the last 24 hours or so, with no clear explanation yet as to why the incident has occurred.

[Source: iPhoneHacks]
These issues were first reported on Reddit and Twitter, where the users talked about being kicked out of their Apple IDs for several security reasons and being forced to reset their password to get back access to their accounts.

Despite this wave of a serious issue, Apple’s System Status page has not shown any problems with Apple ID.

According to the users, the didn’t receive any warning regarding this on their iPhone, Apple TV, and other Apple devices, while they were still using their devices.

The question arises that whether this was a mass iOS software failure or a genuine failure of security.  To solve this, a large hack would require many users to reset their Apple IDs “for security reasons”.

There has been no official statement by Apple regarding this issue and no clear reason behind these forced passwords reset, it’s still not clear that why only some of Apple users were affected by this and what were the reasons that forced Apple to initiate the wave of resets in the first place.

[Source: MacRumors]

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