iPhone X users cannot use Face ID for Family App Purchase Authentication

Apple’s TouchID was one of the most secure authentication system available in the world for mobile devices. There were more or less no news of someone bypassing TouchID by any mean. With Face ID Apple went two to three steps ahead, and it forced the giant to change its full authentication system.

There are many different places where your iPhone will require authentication one of which happens to be the Family App Store Purchases, which needs to be authenticated with utmost importance.

FaceID for quite a while has been in talks when twins were able to bypass the system without any problem. Apple while launching the FaceID was quite confident, but now they don’t seem to be now. Various iPhone X users have been reporting about Face ID is available only to some users while some are not getting the Apple’s Ask to Buy feature. This feature was to allow the kids to ask the parents to buy any particular application.

By disabling this feature apple make it loud and clear that close family member can bypass the app purchase authentication. For this feature, all the users currently have to enter the iCloud password which approves the purchase.

Till now there is no comment from Apple’s side about this. We do expect some comment from Apple’s side like we saw with the Apple admitting about slowing down the iPhones as the battery becomes weaker which was an honest move by Apple and liked by many people, as now they have the option to get the original performance from their handsets by replacing the battery.

Now we must be looking for Apple to solve the issue as soon as possible and also admit the issue with the Apple ID. Even if the issue doesn’t solve and Apple admits the issue it will be great because using the passwords for a few things is quite fine.

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