iPhone 12 Major Leaks And Rumours

Apple is a leading smartphone brand with one of the best smartphones. We have iPhone 11 Pro which is the fastest phone from Apple till date equipped with the great camera setup. Apple is working on their upcoming project that is the iPhone 12 series and it will be huge because rivals of Apple are trying their best. iPhone 12 will have the fastest processor for sure plus it will be 5G enabled. Users are waiting for Apple to launch it as soon as possible and every phone from Apple is premium as hell.

Apple is the best company when it comes to OS and security because you get very good security with Apple devices. iPhone 12 will be a very good phone it seems as per the rumours and it is rumoured that Apple will launch an iPhone 12 4G model too. It will be cheaper than the 5G one but that’s even fair because 4G and 5G, they both are different things. You will get iOS 14 out of the box with iPhone 12 series and the charging speed will get improved too with the new iOS 14 and Apple will improve their charging technology also.

If you are an Apple fanboy then the upcoming iPhone 12 is for you because it will be a hell of a phone with some serious innovations. The price will be high as you all know but it will be justified because Apple will give very good features in the iPhone 12 series. People are waiting for Apple to launch the iPhone 12 as their curiosity is rising day by day and there is nothing confirmed by the company right now.

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