IOS Bug that let’s Access to Contacts on Passcode Enabled Phone

Bugs are common everywhere be it computers or smartphones and some might be dangerous for users. IOS devices have shown such bugs before when the users can make calls pick calls in weird ways. Even bugs that allow accessing the iOS device without the passcode and already sounds as if your privacy is a myth. Along the way, the updates are also common as everyone gives new software updates to add features and take care of older issues. The new update or iOS version is coming soon and people are excited about new features. But someone already found a major issue of security in it.


There are people working on security all the time and a professional named Jose Rodriguez has found a flaw in the beta version of iOS 13. He has made a public representation of the same on how it is possible. The contacts on the locked iPhone were accessed by him without the passcode and it shows the risks of a security breach. The video is uploaded by him and the steps are made clear how it works. This bug was there in the beta program and he came through it earlier this year. In July he reported the issue to Apple and it’s not clear if they have fixed it or not by the company.

Similar bugs were also seen in older iOS versions and now that it is reported before release you can probably look forward to not face it. The details were not made public a long time ago and it’s just this week when the bug was made public. It is still there and is not taken care of even though the stable version is coming out 17th September.

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