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iOS And iPadOS 13.4 Public Beta Seeded

Apple is one of the biggest tech companies that has been around for some time now. Popular for its tech and quality of products the company is still doing great. Apple is counted as one of the superior manufacturers in the market. Apple iPhones are very well known premium phones in the market that give the best features and performance. The operating system by Apple that they use in their products play an important role in leading the market. The well-optimized iOS and iPadOS are OS used by Apple in iPhones and iPads. Now both these OS are getting yet another version.

Till now Apple has developed these OS up to iOS version 13.4 but the public release didn’t happen.  It was in last week that Apple seeded the public beta for these Operating systems for iPhones and iPads. Until now the operating systems were only available for developers that were working on in. Those that are signed up for the Beta program are the ones that can access the beta version with proper certificate installation. It is not a surprise that these new versions come with new and better features and some changes in a thing or two.

The changes listed in this update include a new mail toolbar, iCloud folder sharing, and some more features. With the new Mail toolbar, it is easier to reply and the reply button is separate now. M there are few changes in the CarPlay for control over calls and navigation applications. Files in iCloud drive can now be shared with others and folders are accessible to more than one user. Extra features like around 9 memoji and animoji are also included and can be used just like emojis. There are even more features that are included in this new version of iOS and iPadOS only a few are mentioned above.

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