iOS 14: What To Expect

Apple offers iOS to their iPhone users which is a very stable OS. iOS is surely the safest operating system and you can compare it with other operating systems without any problem. iOS has always been the first choice of a lot of users and people trust Apple and it’s security features. iPhones with face identification feature got an update a few weeks back through which users could skip the face unlocking screen while wearing a mask and it was so helpful. There are many more reasons to love iOS and users are getting a new update from Apple soon.

iOS 14 is coming and people are so excited about it because they are waiting for Apple to release iOS 14. Users are guessing the new features which will be available in the iOS 14 and expecting from Apple to give new features. There are a lot of rumours and these are some of the wild guesses that are mentioned below:

  • The whole overview will be changed in iOS 14.

  • Phone calls will not cover the whole screen.

  • Users could redesign the home screen of their iPhones.

  • Some security features will come to make your iPhone more secure.

These are some features which we can see in the upcoming iOS 14. There is no confirmation about these features but still, we can expect these features because they are basic features which we need in iOS 14. iOS 14 will be more stable and iPhones that are running on iOS 13 right now could update their iPhones to iOS 14. We can expect iOS 14 to come later this year and it will be a mind-blowing update for sure.

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