iOS 14 Can Come With Innovation For Payments

As we all know that iOS 14 is coming and users are waiting for it to launch. The upcoming iOS version will have a lot of new features that were missing in the previous version. Apple will not disappoint its users this time because the new update will have a lot of customisation options. People have already signed up for the Beta Program of iOS 14 and some have already updated to the Beta Program. Those users have given a positive review about the upcoming iOS 14 and some of its features are revealed.

We are living in 2020 and it is really a crucial year for all of us. Covid-19 is here and it’s affecting everyone very fast and people are afraid to even walk outside of their houses. In this time, if we pay through cash then would it be safe? No, it won’t be safe and everyone is using online payments to pay for everything. iOS is coming up soon with a new feature for payments too. We could pay through our iPhones in some time by just waving on the barcode or the payment code.

Apple is coming up with a new feature that will let the users pay easily by just scanning the barcode. After scanning the barcode, your iPhone will take you to the payment options that you’ve selected to pay directly without any interruptions and delay. We are expecting iOS 14 to come super soon and just hang tight for the update because it will be worth the size. You will see a lot of new features in the iOS 14 so stay tuned for new updates.

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