Intel launches two new Processors based on the “Gemini Lake” architecture

When it comes to computer and laptop processors, the first name that comes to our mind is Intel. Recently Intel has released its two new processor in the Pentium-series. As we all know Pentium-series has a say in the market because of its neutral performance and low price these new processors also follows this legacy and offers limited performance. Let’s check out more about these processors.

Intel pentium silver
The image is showing the all-new Pentium Silver chip.
Image courtesy: Anandtech .com

The name of the two processors is Pentium Silver and Pentium Gold. These new processors are based on Intel’s new architecture known as the “Gemini Lake.” If you are a PC enthusiast, then you may be knowing that Intel’s “Sky Lake” and “Kaby Lake” based processors are already available in the market, but as compared to these new Pentium-series those are premium and comes with a massive price tag.

When it comes to Desktop versions, Pentium Silver J005 is a Quad-Core chip clocked at 2.8Ghz along with an Intel UHD Graphics 605, 4MB Cache size and 2 x DDR4 RAM channels support. The Intel Celeron J4005 and Celeron J4105 are also very similar, but the J4005 is a Dual-Core processor clocked at 2.7Ghz along with an Intel UHD Graphics 600. As per Intel, these processors have enough potential to surf high-speeded internet, stream online content and more.

Pentium silver and Pentium Gold
Image of the new Intel processor.
Image courtesy: mpoweruser .com

When we talk about Mobile versions, Pentium Silver N5000 is a Quad-Core processor clocked at 2.7Ghz along with an Intel UHD Graphics 605. For this platform, Intel Celeron N4100 and N4000 are available too, both are similar but have different clock speeds, N4100 has 2.4Ghz while the N4000 has 2.6Ghz. Both processors offer an Intel UHD Graphics 600. These processors will power the upcoming Notebooks, Desktops, All-in-one and more.

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