Instagram will get rid of fake follows, comments, and likes

Instagram wants to get rid of fake follows, likes, and comments by bots and remove them actively. Any fake likes comments and follows from accounts that use third-party services to get more audience on their accounts are going to now be removed for violating the platform’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.

Those people who use the third-party apps and try to get fake likes, comments and follows and might be able to portray an inauthentic version of their lives, but Instagram recently announced that they won’t be able to buy inauthentic engagement anymore.

[Source: JUST™ Creative]
Instagram wrote in its blog that :

“We’ve built machine learning tools to help identify accounts that use these services and remove the inauthentic activity. This type of behavior is bad for the community, and third-party apps that generate inauthentic likes, follows and comments violate our Community Guidelines and Terms of Use.”

Instagram will start taking down accounts by first sending a notification to the users who shared their login information and passwords with a third-party device to change their password. If they don’t listen to Instagram’s warning, users could experience other consequences.

Like a few weeks ago Twitter took action against the bots, getting rid of fraudulent activity is something Instagram will need to continue addressing if it wants to protect the integrity of its ad business.

Instagram did take action against the fake bots in the past, but it hasn’t taken action against fake likes before. According to a statement by the company, Instagram is planning on taking more measures against fake activity in the coming weeks.

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