Instagram stickers now allows you to send music

On Tuesday, Facebook-owned Instagram introduced new features that allows users to interact with each other in new ways. Instagram now allows you to use question stickers in Live, and people can respond to questions with music.

The question stickers are going to be more useful now, as users will now be able to answer questions with music.

[Source: JUST™ Creative]
Hitting on a viewer’s answer will play the song, and users can choose to respond with a message or share the song to their own story.

If a user wants to share a song it is going to open camera for the user to take a photo or video as the music plays in the background, and there’s also new camera effects that are going to respond when the music is being played.

If you want to make use of this feature, the process is quite simple and easy. Add a picture to your story, hit on stickers, hit on the countdown and add the name of the countdown.

The next step includes hitting in the digits for the said countdown and then using the scrolling feature to set an end date for the countdown.

An optional extra step that you can take is to change the color of the countdown. Also, can edit the size of the sticker as you want, and place it anywhere on the screen that you would prefer.

The updates are rolling out on iOS and Android today.

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