Instagram now shows how much time you spend on it

Just a few months back it was announced by Instagram and Facebook that they are going to introduce a new feature of dashboard activity that will track how much time users spend on the apps, but the features never materialized.

Now Instagram has finally introduced this latest feature with the name “Your Activity” which includes such tools for setting daily time limits and the option to temporarily mute push notifications.

[Source: Instagram]
This feature can be found the upper right corner of your profile page, and from there at the bottom, there is “Your Activity.”

Dashboards of Facebook and Instagram, which shows how much time a user spent on the app in the span of last 7 days and mute distracting push notifications, it gives more power to the users more control over how they interact with social networks that can be very dangerous for in every way if used excessively.

Instagram is owned by Facebook but Facebook didn’t announce any date regarding the release of their dashboard, which is said to be called as “Your time on Facebook.” Both of these features were announced together by Facebook and Instagram last summer, so we can hope that Facebook’s isn’t too far away.

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