Instagram is going to allow ads through stories

Instagram is reportedly testing a new feature known as “Promote for Stories” which will allow businesses and advertisement agencies to promote their products through Instagram Stories. It just like Facebook’s option of “Boost”, advertisers and businesses will be able to target certain users through this feature based on a variety of characteristics.

Through the feature “Promote for Stories” on Instagram different Business pages will be able to share their ephemeral stories to larger audiences without doing or paying much. Businesses can choose to target users based on follower similarity, location, or other built-in Instagram targeting parameters.

[Source: Instagram]
Facebook in a statement told the TechCrunch that they are testing a new “Promote for Stories” feature for Instagram which will be released worldwide and will work just like the “Boost” option for Facebook, but they didn’t talk about the official release date of this feature.

This indicates that the users of Instagram could start to see more targeted advertisements in Stories. For example, if you follow cars related pages, you might see an ad for a local car dealership in-between Stories from people you follow. Or, if you follow a lot of accounts related to dressing and stuff, you might see a higher concentration of fashion ads in Stories.

[Source: TechCrunch]

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