Instagram and Soundcloud announce a new feature

Instagram has been partnered by many audio streaming apps and latest one to join the Instagram is SoundCloud it was announced by both the companies on 23rd October, which will allow the users of Instagram to share songs in Instagram Stories.

In Summer a deal between Spotify and Instagram was announced in the same way. In the case of SoundCloud just like Spotify, the users may press the “share” button in SoundCloud and then tap “Share to Instagram Stories.”

[Source: Instagram]
Once the song is posted on user’s Instagram story, anyone viewing will be able to click “Play on SoundCloud” at the top of a story, which will then open the SoundCloud mobile app and start playing.

Music Makers and the fans will now be able to share music from the platform through the Instagram Stories.

Apple Music is one of the biggest audio streaming platforms which doesn’t have any deal with Instagram most likely because it does not have a free tier.

As said by the SoundCloud that its team of creators shares millions of SoundCloud links and screenshots across different social media apps. With this new Instagram integration, those creators will now be able to more seamlessly promote their new music.

This latest feature will be available on the newest update of Instagram and SoundCloud.

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