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Carriers may hide Signal Information from you in Future

Android has certain settings which are visible to all the users without any scope for any customization available from the carrier side or even from the manufacturer side hence they are sought of compulsory.

One of this setting happens to be the SIM Status menu in Setting which gives access to the values of the network signal and give much better information on signal strength. This information is available on the entry-level handset and even on the top end handset irrespective of the chipset and other specifications.

But now it seems like this information will be solely dependent on the carrier and manufacturer. A recent code from AOSP project reveals that Google might make the signal information optional and give the carrier ability to hide the signal strength information.

There are reports which claim about the following facility being available, requested from the carriers. This information makes it easy for the user to diagnose if the issue is from their device or from the carrier side which is a nice thing, but with this feature being available to the carrier or manufacturer we might not be able to see to the same in future.

Image shows Sim Status setting on Android Device

This information will mostly be affected by the SIM you insert as this will mostly be controlled by the carrier not by the manufacturer. Although till now there is no information why a carrier might need such information to be hidden from the user. One more information which is worth noting is the information will be hidden just form the settings menu of the Operating System the API will still be there in the OS, and third-party apps will be able to see the signal strengths easily.

What do you think about the signal strength information being available or not available to the end user, do let us know in the comment section below.

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