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Images Of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Leaked

Smartphones have become so mainstream that all the leading brands get a lot of hype for their new devices. Samsung is one of the all-time hit smartphone makers that give premium android smartphones. The brand has come up with many different devices and series. One of the most popular series of the smartphone by Samsung is the Galaxy series. Right now Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is going on around with the hype. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 lite images have leaked and shown the first physical form of the device. The leaked images have confirmed a few things including the S pen, flat-screen and back camera bump.

The Lite version of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is nowhere to be heard from Samsung but the rumors have it. More than enough rumors have been around on the device to prove it’s existence. The device is not officially called about but is one of the devices you might want to know about. No official date is out but it can come out in a few weeks with specs similar to Galaxy Note 10. As a lite version you can expect the price to be lower and some of the specs will be cut as well compared to Galaxy Note 10.

The leaked images of Galaxy note 10 lite show the non-curved display panel from the front face. This non-curved screen panel is different from that curved panels of the Note 10 or Note 10+. A bump from the back with the square camera setup is also seen that is similar to the Galaxy S20 series. The well known S pen from Samsung is also showed off in these images and it is nice to have it in a lite version. The physical built doesn’t look like a well-built metal and might be of plastic to make it cost-efficient.


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