IGTV videos now shareable through Instagram stories

IGTV was launched by Instagram to allow the creators to upload their videos that can run up to 60 minutes in length and optimized for full-screen vertical viewing.

The Instagram app includes a dedicated section for IGTV content, but there is also an IGTV app. When Instagram TV was released, Instagram hired a big number of famous people to build out their own IGTV channels such as Lelepons, Logan Paul, Amanda Cerny, Selena Gomez etc.

[Source: Instagram]
It was announced by Instagram on Friday that they are going to let users share IGTV video to their stories. Tapping the paper airplane icon will bring you the different option of sending to different people and also of “Add video to your story,” tap on that and your friends can tap the preview to go watch the entire video in IGTV.

Before the release of this feature, it was only possible to add a link to an IGTV video on business accounts, which allowed users to swipe up and be taken to watch the full IGTV video. This new feature will make it easier for users to share any IGTV video preview to their story.

Without quality content or a big number of viewers, it will be hard for Facebook to monetize Instagram’s video platform. They have to create new way engagement then they may be able to speed up the launch of any ad offerings.

Instagram didn’t release any official numbers on how well IGTV’s been doing since it was released this summer, but the feature announced is an effort to reduce the gap between IGTV app and the main Instagram app.

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