Hunter Gaming Router By Honor Launched.

Gaming is some serious thin for everyone and online gaming is a complete commitment for some. In the last few years, mobile gaming grew rapidly and turned into a gaming community that is worldwide. This growing platform also made big changes in the network and smartphone market as now people need good devices and networks. Online Multiplayer is competitive and this began the need for powerful processors and stable wifi network. Huawei’s daughter company Honor on Monday dropped some of its devices and gadgets to the public and launched a Gaming Router with it.


Honor Hunter Gaming Router got launched for all the online players that struggle with a weak and unstable network. This router has a cool design with sharp edges and grey color along with led lights that make it fancier. The router has a gaming mode that makes sense as it is a gaming router and has all the hardware equipped in it. It has dual frequencies 5GHz antennas along with a 2.4GHz antenna making a tri-band WiFi chip. The router is a vertical type one with a 30-degree tilt on the dual antennas and this gives better coverage horizontally as well as vertically.

This Gaming router by Honor has it all for gamers and the 5GHz gaming mode works on an X shaped antenna setup made for smartphones working horizontally. More to the gaming mode it makes the connection with smartphones a priority to provide better connectivity. A dual chain 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequency band transmission are set up by the router for the device connected. Speed is not an issue with this router as it supports 5Gbps as it supports 4-gigabit network ports along with the 2100Mbps tri-band WiFi. Honor has put together a good router and people looking for an upgrade for gaming purposes should check it.

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