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Huawei Wi-Fi deal with Washington Redskins broke down because of government concerns

The US government is doing its best to keep Huawei isolated. In 2014, an agreement was reached between Huawei and the Washington Redskins to give Wi-Fi in the viewing suites at FedEx Field during games, according to reports.

But that agreement was considered as invalid after a government advisor issued an “unofficial federal complaint” to the team, saying the same national security concerns that Congress and US intelligence agencies have raised for several years running.

[Source: youtube]

As a part of this deal, Huawei was going to receive advertising in the stadium and during Redskins game broadcasts in exchange for handling the Wi-Fi in suites.

No direct money was involved in this deal according to the reports. But the team was still feared enough by the government’s intervention to get out of this deal before even an agreement was reached.

When Wi-Fi agreement was reached the company showed its excitement by tweeting about it, which caught the eye of Michael Wessel, who is a member of congressional research and an advisory panel called the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

After this Micheal contacted a high ranking government official who was his friends and asked about the risks and if they should warn the Redskins about the possibility of threats.

Wessel was worried that government officials as using the Huawei-powered Wi-Fi would be at risk as you may know that RedSkins is the official team of Washington. Redskins president Bruce Allen immediately broke down the deal.

Huawei, which surprisingly rose to the world’s number two smartphone maker, has been blocked from making deal with US mobile phone carriers. But according to Huawei, it has never conducted any spying and doing so would destroy all consumer trust in the company all around the world.

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